Tips To Have A Successful Career

If you are a woman with high aspirations to make it big in the field you work in, this is definitely a must read for you if you want to have a successful career. It is the 21st

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century and women are no longer the weaker sex. Here are top 5 tips to have a successful career that you must know if you want to climb up the corporate ladder fast.
1.There are no free lunches: We’re sure

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you’ve heard this quote before, haven’t you, friends? When we say “There are no free lunches”, it means that nothing can be attained without hard work. Hard work, dedication and commitment come before any other advice we can give you on tips to have a successful career. So work hard to achieve your career goals and be committed to putting your skills to maximum use to further your career objectives.
2.Remember that work and passion go together: If you are working just for the sake of earning, you’re probably going to have to reconsider your career path. Your work should be your passion and vice versa. This tip to have a successful career is all about reinforcing that your career path is where your passion lies. For example, you will never be a successful hairdresser if your passion actually lies in studying medicine or you will never be a successful doctor if your passion is to become a hairdresser.
3.The wrong way is not the right way: Confused? Don’t be, we are here to spell it out for you. Did you think that you could climb up the corporate ladder by flirting with your manager/boss and indulging into inappropriate sexual behavior? Keep this tip in mind to have a successful career before you attempt any of that. Inappropriate advances or behavior may get you to the top, but that does not guarantee that you will stay at the top. At the end of the day, to have a successful career, you need to have skill and dedication, not good looks.
4.Celebrate and document your achievements: Documenting your achievements is like collecting trophies. This tip to have a successful career is all about keeping a record of your achievements, accomplishments and victories in your work life. Do you know why? Because it will not only infuse a sense of pride and strength within you, but will also help you to document your career progression. So the next time you start working on a new resume to apply for the job you’ve always wanted, you are armed with a list of the awards you’ve received and the achievements you’ve made in your career till then.
5.Weigh your loyalty with what you are being paid: We know it’s great to be a loyal employee and pull out those long hours for your employers. But do you really think that sticking to your employer, regardless of the compensation they give you for your hard work, is going to help you have a successful career? We don’t think so. To have a successful career, you need to know and demand the actual worth of your services to your employer. If you are being under-paid, we suggest that you talk to your employer to provide you adequate compensation and if that does not work out, feel free to send your new resume to head hunters.

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